Kashmir Story

The First time Manish visited Kashmir was in 2010 and was amazed by its breathtaking beauty. The landscape – the majestic mountains, the serene lakes and valleys brimming with flowers have been an inspiration for some of Manish’s stunning designs. Apart from it’s scenic beauty, Kashmir is known for it’s intricate embroidery techniques and detailing. Be it Sozni, Resham or Tilla, each technique is a lesson in meticulousness and proof of the wonderful crafts and craftsmanship found in India. It has been a wonderful journey for Manish and the label to imbibe this work in our collection and to be able to showcase the handcrafted legacy.


2019 – Rebranding logo

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2018 – iOS Application

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2018 – Packaging design

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Coca Cola

2018 – Social Media

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