Manish Malhotra x Magnum, 2018

A confluence of glamour and fashion - Cannes has always been the centre of it all for the entertainment and fashion industry. Magnum and Manish both personify this melange and show us how to socialise like the stars at the prestigious Cannes. This season, Magnum with Manish Malhotra urges you to take pleasure seriously. The dynamic duo exemplifies true pleasure by socialising in an exotic location surrounded by the fine things in life. "When it comes to Magnum, all that I can think of is indulgence, indulgence and some more indulgence." says Manish, "I'm having a wonderful time in Cannes. There is just so much energy here at the time of the film festival; it transforms into a melting pot of cultures. I am truly inspired taking in the streets alive with art; the beautiful beaches and ultra-chic fashion from across the globe. It's the perfect setting for indulgence!"